Wednesday, September 23, 2009


[100 Donuts]

2 Potatoes (4-5 inches long OR 2 C. Mashed Potato)

Scald: 4 C. Milk and add riced or mashed potatoes and rest of ingredients.
3/4 C. Shortening or Oil
3/4 C. Sugar (1 C. for sweeter ones)

Mix together, cool until lukewarm. Dissolve 5 T. Yeast in 1 C. Warm Water. With mixer beat 4 Eggs, then add dissolved yeast and 1 T. Salt. Beat in 6 C. Flour to start with. Gradually stir in 6 to 8 C. more Flour. Gradually add about 4 more C. Flour by hand, but don't add so much that it is a stiff dough like Bread. Dough should be slightly sticky, soft, but hold its shape. Let rise and push down. Prepare counter or table top with flour for rolling out and roll dough out of bowl onto floured surface. Roll out evenly with rolling pin and cut with biscuit cutter or tuna can. Let rise till double and doughnuts feel light. Melt shortening or oil in large fry pan and heat to about 375°. Cook till light gold and turn over. Cook other side and remove to paper toweling. Dip in glaze while still warm.

Glaze: 2 C. Powdered Sugar, 1/4 C. Boiling Water, 1 tsp. Vanilla.

Add water to sugar and vanilla gradually and beat until smooth.


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